Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Been a While...

I haven't posted in some time. I suppose that I've been consumed by the observance of the literal demise of my country. America is at war, and she is broke. Its leader, Barrack Hussein Obama, is spearheading America's demise by promoting legislation that exacerbates our National Debt. Also, he is monetizing the economy to effect a full debasement of our currency. I believe he is doing this to cause the collapse of America's capitalistic systems. In his eyes, the only way to change America is to bankrupt the country. The proverbial, tear it down, so you can rebuild it. The problem with this of course is the architect, Mr. Obama, will decide how America is to be rebuilt. Clearly, Obama's narcissistic personality disorder lends itself to his feeling of omnipotence.

Sadly, Mr. Obama does not understand the American people. He believes that he can change this nation without harmful ramifications. On the contrary, I believe his actions will cause irreparable harm the likes of which have not been seen since the Civil War! To effectuate his plan, Mr. Obama appointed international leaning jurists to our highest courts. These jurist will support Mr. Obama's desire to eliminate private ownership of weapons, as well as, limit free speech. Just who decides what is offensive speech will no doubt be left up to the King himself. For example, imagine, never being able to draw a Cartoon of Mohammed because it is offensive speech. Mr. Obama will change the Constitution not by the provisions set forth in this document. He will do a "go around," Chicago style.

Mr. Obama plans to usurp the American Constitution by signed UN Treaties that abrogate our First and Second Amendments. Mr. Obama's disdain for our Constitution is further illuminated by his attack on the 10th Amendment, which he sees as an obstacle to accomplishing his manifesto of change. Mr. Obama's real challenge to Arizona's Immigration Law is to demonstrate the Federal Governments power over a State. I wonder if the litigation will get fast tracked to the Supreme Court now that Obama has like minded justices on the bench.

I must admit, Mr. Obama is one heck of a smart guy. When the dollar collapses, and America rushes into a depression, Mr. Obama will point the finger at the Wall Street fat cats, Insurance Company's, and bankers, as the organizations responsible for America's collapse. Mr. Obama set them up good. All he had to do was dangle the money! Most Americans are ignorant of whats really going on because they get all their news from cable news channels that are for the most part left wing mouth pieces. So, it will not be difficult for Mr. Obama to blame someone else for his handy work. Of course, Mr. Obama will have a plan to save us all.

As I take all this in, and more, I gaze into my crystal ball for guidance. Here is what I see:

The second civil war will eclipse the first one in the number of deaths. Those who value liberty and understand American history, will fight. After all, what is life without liberty? Those that sacrificed before are the rallying call for today's patriots. And, Mr. Obama, make no mistake, your vision of America is diametrically opposite that of the majority of Americans. Never forget that one's actions have consequences; those who participate in treason will be held accountable.