Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Time for America to Come Home

I am reflecting on the past year with great tribulation. Under President Obama's stewardship America is finished. In the coming months, I and others much smarter than me, foresee the collapse of the dollar, hyper inflation, and mass riots in the streets as people cry out for food and shelter. In Foreign Policy, President Obama facilitated the loss of the war in Afghanistan with his constraints on combat operations that are prohibited from seeking out and destroying the enemy. And, if this wasn't enough, President Obama surrendered America to the Islamist who seek our destruction. Obama's news mouthpieces call the events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and others a movement of the people for Democracy. I see it just a little different.

Mosques the world over (that includes America) are teaching Sharia and the supremacy of Islam to the masses. From early school through college, the masses are raised to hate America and Jews. They are taught that it is their duty to spread Islam throughout the world by the sword. Also and most significantly, Muslims are taught that the American Empire is responsible for their poverty and oppression. As the people come into the streets to protest their oppressive regimes, they are also protesting against America for they see their leaders as puppets of Washington. So, they march, they topple governments, and sing the song of freedom and righteousness. However, this is not a revolution intent on following the English philosopher John Locke and the French jurist Charles-Louis de Secondat!

Instead, new governments will be formed based on Sharia and Islam. No one will argue that Sharia is not the codified law of Islam. This then, will give rise to governments staffed with generations of brainwashed people full of hate for America and Israel. At their disposal will be armies and weapons of mass destruction. And, with 12 virgins in heaven waiting for them, war and genocide will ensue with unimaginable death and destruction. It is this destruction that I hope to avoid, but fear the most.

No one asked the American people if she wanted to be a super power, or the worlds policeman. The same political class responsible for our bankruptcy pursued irresponsible hegemony practices that resulted in US military personnel being stationed around the world. The result is enmity on a grand scale. No foreigner will shed a tear when a WMD is exploded in NY, or Washing DC. No foreigner will care about America when the dollar collapses and our economy is in ruins. No foreigner will care about America for we have been treating them like an evil step-father. America no longer requires troops in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece, England, Greenland, Australia, S. Korea, Japan, Philippines, Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan, and a hundred or so other foreign countries. More importantly, America needs to withdraw its special weapons from foreign shores. Let America send a message to the world that she will no longer be its policeman. Let America send a message that she will no longer rely on foreign aid in the form of borrowed money. Let America rise up and say to China, the EU, and Middle East, go fuck your self. We've had enough. You are on your own. And, keep your products, we withdraw from the IMF, UN, and World Bank. We we look within, and if we feel like it, we will share our advanced medicines, and technologies with the rest of the world...someday!

Finally, I will be called an isolationist for my desire to withdraw from the World stage of madness. So be it. After all, what is really wrong with isolationism? America is large enough to build its own digital televisions, iPhones, Macbooks, and the like. She can "cancel" the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard. She can go bankrupt and tell the bankers to shove it their green dollar asses. She can tell the states to start anew by issuing their own money. Frankly, America doesn't need the world. Heck, bringing the troops home, focusing our military on defending the homeland, will save a few hundred billion in defense spending. What's the alternative? How about WMD's in America going boooom...Allahu Akbar style.