Friday, May 29, 2009

I was Thinking

Last night I met a new friend on Twitter. His handle is Islamvoice. From what I deduced, Islamvoice hopes to educate people about his religion. I told him that I do not hate Islam, instead I hate what some have done in the name of Islam. He replied, ""I do hate what some in the name of Islam have done." I AGREE 100%"" I believe Islamvoice, who ever they are, are peace loving and care about humanity. I believe that they truly want to bring us together in harmony with God. But, as well intentioned as they are, I hope that they keep an open mind to the Truth. As an American, I was raised to question what I see, what I am told, and what I hear. I look to the motive behind the statements: who benefits, why?

How is it that Abraham's two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, and through their seed, left a legacy that today has their descendants hating and killing each other? Jews, followers of Islam, and Christians, are all related to Abraham's sons. I believe that God would not advocate the murder of anyone who descended from Abraham. I believe that anyone who promotes violence against the descendants of Abraham is of Satan; for killing the descendants of Abraham is like killing God's promises to Abraham. This then, would make God out to be a liar. When some say, that Jesus was a Prophet who was not crucified, instead they say it was Judas, then what they are really saying is that this Prophet of God called Jesus lied. A Prophet from the one true God is incapable of lying. Historical records from the Romans to the Greeks to the Jews shows that Jesus was in fact crucified by Pontius Pilat. To say in the 6th Century AD that this did not happen and claim God's authority to say so, is a deception perpetrated on the people to hide the truth for one's self-aggrandizement.

History demonstrates that the Quran was written sometime in the 6th Century. There is no evidence of any recorded history of the Islamic faith prior to the 6th Century. In other words, manuscripts do not exist that science has dated to be from the period of Moses, as an example. Islam puts forth that God gave Adam Islam. The Bible warns us to be wary of anyone who changes the word of God. And, no where in the book does God say that he gave anyone a religion. Instead, he commands us to follow only Him. This is my belief based on my understanding of history.

So, I revert to the book, or Bible for some clarity. I understand that the Great deceiver is Satan. I understand that Moses gave the people God's 10 commandments. I understand that one of the commandments states, You shall not kill. I believe that in rendering this commandment, God reserved unto himself the power to kill. Any man who claims to be speaking with God's authority by advancing the law to state that he has the power to decide who dies and who lives, is deceiving the people for their own power position. Claiming the power of God is obviously a false prophet. Again, the one who hurts God by killing Abraham's descendants, and he who deceives the people, is of Satan.

I look forward to a thought provoking dialog with my new friend(s). I hope through communication, we can find peace and understanding in the World.

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