Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let us not forget our roots

There comes a time when the blood of martyrs screams at us from the past, calling us to action. I am not saying that such a time is now. But, remembering those from the revolutionary times who made the ultimate sacrafice will keep us vigilant and ready to follow in their footsteps should the time arise to once again fight for liberty.

When the Constitutional Government becomes corrupt and irresponsible to a point of threatening the people's freedoms and wealth, then one must be willing to join the Culpeper Minute Men to once again restore the liberties of our forefather's generation. Bridges to nowhere, $150 toilet seats, illegal immigration, violations of fiduciary duties for the proper management of the peoples money, murder, unjust war entanglements, usurping State's Power, are but a few of the wrongful acts perpetrated on the People by the Constitutional Government.

When is it enough? What will it take to act? To What end will Obama lead our country?

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