Monday, December 1, 2008

Change is in the air

Suddenly, the quiet of the day shattered when my Muslim neighbors began to violently protest a banner that they felt insulted them. Our commune which is a mix of ethnicities never witnessed this kind of outburst before....50 homes burned that day.(summarized)

Dear Prasanna:

Thank you for sharing this with me. I am interested in the radicalization of Muslim's by their religious leaders and school teachers. Madrassa's all over the world are preaching wahhabism. I found that these kinds of madrassa's are financed by Saudi Arabia. I began my quest for information and understanding of the effects of this teaching when the terrorists struck Mumbai. This attack brought back feelings that I felt following 9/11. Like 11.26, the 9.11 terrorists were middle and upper class young men with post high school educations. Earlier terrorist attacks in Spain and Great Britan were carried out by men of similar background and economic status.

My research indicates that contrary to some opinions, there is a collective mind set on the part of religious leaders to indoctrinate the young with wahhabism teachings. These teachings promote violence against infidels, as well as, other Muslims who do not follow the wahhabist teachings. To put the effects of their teachings into perspective I use the following observations:

I was born in San Jose, California. My father was Italian. As such, he was a practicing Roman Catholic. Consequently, I was raised to believe in the Catholic church. If I was born in Mumbai, I may very well have grown up Hindu. If I was born in Syria, I would believe in Islam. I am sure you understand where I am going with this. Now, imagine millions of children, most from poverty, growing up and being educated in madrassas. Many of the madrassas isolate the students. In other words, they are not allowed to leave the madrassa school property. They are cut off from their parents. Years of radical indoctrination go by, and the result, is a baby face terrorist who attacked mumbai and efficiently killed innocent people.

The reason that you and your family are suddenly experiencing rising tensions in your community is because the young muslim boys are being taught wahhabism. In my country, wahhabi schools are opening everywhere. I fear for the future if we can not stop them. So, what is the goal of all these religious leaders? Look to Saudi Arabia for the answer. Research the Ottoman Empire and Caliphate.

The goal of the Religious leaders is to recreate the Caliphate. Then, under the leadership of the Caliphate, conquer the world and install Islam as the only law of the land. This is no joke. These people are patient and very serious.

Finally, I want the thank you again for helping me understand your blog entry. Perhaps you will stay in touch, I would like that.



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