Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Islamic Teachings Lead to Death

Enraged Muslim secondary education students mobbed and lynched a Christian school teacher in Northeastern Nigeria, accusing her of desecrating the Koran, according to the BBC, Wednesday March 21, 2007.

The Christian school teacher was invigilating an exam at the secondary school in Gombe state when she was attacked and murdered in cold blood by the Muslim pupils. The authorities closed all the schools in the region to avoid rioting.

Muslims have been attacking and killing innocent Christians in the predominately Islamic Northern Nigeria. The government of Nigeria has not been able to stop Islamic terrorist attacks against Christians in the Norther area of Nigeria.

In July 2005 young men in London terrorized the city by their suicide terrorist attacks against innocent people. These men were indoctrinated in their local Mosque with the teachings of Wahhabism. Wahhabism teaches its adherents to hate Jews, Christians, and Muslims who do not agree with Wahhabi teachings. This is another example of madrassa education.

Today, the Catholic Church in London said that it wants to set aside rooms in their Churches for Muslims so they can have someplace to pray. Perhaps the Church would be better off going to a madrassa for an education in Islamic beliefs. After all, Christians and Hindu's are being slaughtered by Islamic fighters. Attending a madrassa will give the Church a better understanding of Islam so that the Priest can property pray for their souls.

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