Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Someone asked, "when will wars stop"


1. History shows that Nationalism ultimately leads to war.
2. The most violent wars were fought over religious differences.
3. Dwindling natural resources will lead to war as the competition for these resources intensifies.
4. Increasing poverty and scarce food and water supplies will lead to war in the near future.
5. Nation states use force to accomplish their political objectives.
6. Nation states manipulate other states to use violence to achieve their political objectives.
7. Nation states act in their own self interest at the expense of everyone else.
8. Nation states foster division among other nation states.

How do you demilitarize earth? Should we eliminate nation states? How would you go about eliminating nationalism? Would earthlings be willing to give up national identification and become citizens of Earth? Could social media forums like Twitter bring people from divergent backgrounds together under one house? How about a constitution for the citizens of earth?

If you can't demilitarize earth, and if you can't unite the people of earth, are we doomed to fight more wars? When will the wars stop?


Vivek Sanghi said...

Hi Frank. This is an important topic that you have covered. There are various issues out there that can culminate into war. Regarding your points about fight for natural resources, I am almost able to see it coming! China has been forming alliances with governments across the world (even with rouge states and military dictators) just to secure natural resources for itself. It has done this in Africa and now in South America. They are not just securing natural resources the world over but they are also bringing all those who oppose America, together in one camp. This bothers me because it seems to be culminating into a cold war scenario with two centers of power: America and China. (India is not in the race because it’s political system and its hostile, terrorism infested neighborhood will not let it prosper) Such a scenario can destabilize the world if the centers of power fail to work together. China is scary because all their pieces are in perfect positions in this game.

Frank95054 said...

China is a clear example of a nation state beaming with nationalist fervor. I recall blogging with Chinese people over the arrest of Hu Jia, a human rights activist just prior to the Olympics. Also, the discussion involved the repression of Tibet. I was hammered by educated professionals who accused me of making up stories about Chinese treatment of the Tibet people. They accused Western media of false reporting in an effort to harm China's reputation going into the Olympics.

Nationalism blinded them to the truth about Hu Jia and Tibet. They supported their governments action in the name of social order.

Look to history to understand what evil politicians due to citizens who are influenced by nationalism. Hitler comes to mind.

Scenario: The World is plunged into a Depression, circa 2009. The "former" Chinese middle class takes to the streets and riots thereby threatening the government of China. Suddenly, China's charismatic leader, Chairman Little Mao, charges that the United States conspired to stop China's rise as a global power. Moreover, the story goes, the United States and Taiwan conspired to deprive China of ???????????????

Circa June 2009 China invades Taiwan.....

The people of China now focus on military solutions to their problems, not the real cause of their problems.

. said...

Nationalism blinded them to the truth about Hu Jia and Tibet. They supported their governments action in the name of social order.

And this nationalism has risen because of the "command capitalist" economy of China that has made their middle class filthy rich...They just want to maintain the status quo at all costs. Tiananmen Square massacre is history and only money is god in China today..

Frank95054 said...


This is a very good report on the growing unrest in China as a result of the slowing World economy.

Be vigilant, be informed, educate yourself, and make a difference.